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Self Assign / Requesting Games

Self Assign / Game Request is a PRO Feature


An Official physically assigning himself to an open slot in a game and having the status go immediately to Accepted. This is a first-come, first-served function.

Game Request: 

An Official adding himself to a list of people that would LIKE to be assigned to a game. This list shows up first in the popup window in the Assign - Games module. In the Assign - Official module a "Requested" label will appear next to applicable games for each Official. The Assignor then has the option of selecting one of the Officials that has requested the game or selecting any other Official that meets the active filters.

To implement this, the following steps need to be taken:

1. Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Edit Settings : Set the appropriate values in the Self-Assign Section

2. Group Setup : Permissions : Officials (Edit) : Officials - Self Assign

Click Edit to allow officials to assign themselves to games.

Click View to allow officials to request games.

If you selected "League Setting" in Step 1

Group Maint : Leagues : Click on League(s) that allow Self-Assign : Expand Officials / After Game Options : Check the box next to Official Self-Assign : Save

Be sure that the Assignor Filters you want are enabled under each League.

If you selected "Game Age Setting in Step 1

Group Maint : Ages / Levels : Expand League : Click on Game Age(s) that allow Self-Assign : Check the box next to Official Self-Assign : Save

Self-Assign Options

Group Setup : Assignor Settings : Edit Settings : Expand Self-Assign Options

- Self-Assign Status Whether all leagues are available for Self-Assign or if you’d rather specify which Leagues or Ages allow self-assign

- Allow Individual Games to be Self Assigned - Allows individual games to be Self-Assigned even if the game does not qualify based on League/Age preferences. Click HERE for more information.

- Max Self-Assigned / Requested Games - The maximum number of games an Official can assign/request on a single day. This option only restricts the self-assign feature. Assignors are not affected by this limit. This applies to all leagues.

- Max Assign Actions within 24 Hrs Period - The time period before a game that self-assign is locked. This prevents games from being self-assigned/requested within a certain period of the game. (example: 24 hrs, 48 hrs)

- Block Before Game - The time period in the future that games can be self-assigned. This is the days to ’look ahead’ for games. If this value is not 0, it will prevent games from being displayed and self-assigned if they’re beyond the day limit.

- Allow Future Days - The time period that shows games X many days in the future.

If you want to give individual Officials different permissions for Self-Assigning than the defaults, you can always do this by customizing the permissions for that Official (Group Maint : Users : Find User : Click "Official" User Type to customize).

Any Official that has access to Self-Assign or Request Games will be able to see all Games that have one or more TBD position (only for applicable Leagues) in an active season

 This also allows Officials to see the names of the crew members for all positions that are not Tentative. The games that are displayed may be unique to each Official based on the active Assignor Filters for each League. 

For example, if a League has the Certification and Difficulty filters enabled and the Officials is not certified or does not meet the Difficulty rating, he/she will not see the Game and will not be able to assign or request it.

As always, if you have any trouble or problems with this feature, feel free to submit a support ticket or call us for clarification.

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