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A status reason will be used for designating games with specific cancellation reasons, billing categories, etc. The percentages will be applied to the pay scale that normally applies to each game. 

Only the Game Fee portion of the pay scale will be affected.  

You can also choose whether or not to pay/bill Travel.

 Group Setup : Status Reason : Click to Add a New Status Reason


Status Reason Setup:

Setup your status reason by selecting All Leagues or the particular league that this reason will be applied to.  

Enter the specific words associated with this reason to easily identify it in the future on the Main Status Reason page.  

Example:  Cancelled due to weather - officials on the field or Cancelled due to weather - officials contacted.  

Enter the percentages or flat fee value that the official and assignor are to be paid, and the percentage or flat fee that the League/Team will be billed for.  If you want to pay the officials 1/2 of their normal fee, enter "50 in the percentage field and "0" in the Flat Fee field.  If you want to pay a flat fee of $15 instead, enter "0" in the percentage field and then "15" in the Flat Fee box.  

Choose whether or not to Pay Applicable Travel to the officials. Make sure to check the box next to Team / League if the Travel charge applies to them.


Enter any notes that may apply to this status reason.  This information is helpful in groups that have multiple assignors. 


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