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Why are some of my officials not showing up in List?


I’m trying to assign games to an official and for some reason his name does not appear in the pop up listing of officials. His son appears but he does not. Can you tell me why?



Each game is filtered differently based on the criteria of the game (date/time, location, difficulty, etc).  The specific filters that are being used are listed under the League maintenance.  

If you go to the League menu and edit the League of the game, you will see what Assignor Filter Options are set. 

You will need to check each filter one by one to determine why the official is not showing in the list.  However, the most common reason is often that the official is not listed as Certified to work that particular game.

You can individually change the certification of an official under the official maint area, or you can edit the certifications in batch by clicking 

Officials : Additional Options : Click to Manage Official Certifications.


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