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Assign - Game (Batch Assign Approved Games)
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below Use the Game Filters, top left of the screen, to filter the games you want to assign.Batch Game Maintenance:By choosing ’Batch Assign All Approved G... Read More
Assign - Game (Move, Copy, Swap)
Viewed times since Jan 12, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below Batch Game MaintenanceThe Officials column lists the status and official’s name (if assigned) for each position attached to the game. To change, or assig... Read More
Assign - Game (Unassign All Tentative Assignments)
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Unassign All Tentative Assignments BelowAssign By GameYou can unassign tentative assignments in the area below the Change View Filters section. Proceed with caution, however. Because if you click o... Read More
Assign - Official
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - OfficialAssigning by OfficialUsing the alphabet menu, pull up a list of officials according to last name (click a letter on the alphabet menu), a list of all officials (click ALL)You can utilize the Game Filters at... Read More
Assignor Priorities
Viewed times since Aug 24, 2012
Assignor Priorities are used to prioritize assignors when multiple assignors have access to a game. The Assignor of Record is determined by priority first and then by the number of filter options (league, location, age, etc) for the given r... Read More
Viewed times since Jul 28, 2010
The Auto-Assign Feature allows the system to make official’s assignments, based on the filters set under Assignor Settings and League Settings.  The Auto-Assign will attempt to fill all of the positions on the page, but may not b... Read More
Availability & Distance Filter when Assigning by Official
Viewed times since Sep 11, 2013
NEW FEATUREThere is now a feature in Assign - Official where you can filter the officials list by their availability or distance from zip.To do this, go to:Main Menu : Assign - Official You can filter by Availability by putting in the dates you ... Read More
Cancellations and Rescheduling
Viewed times since Aug 6, 2012
Cancellations:By default, the system pays referees for canceled games.  If you have a game that has been cancelled,referees will still get paid for it.If you are cancellinga game and do not want to pay the referee but you still want the datalist... Read More
Custom Filters
Viewed times since Apr 4, 2011
Custom Filters allow assignors to create customized lists to filter by.  Choose one or more leagues, location areas, complexes, locations, teams or ages that are regularly used to assign.  Give the custom filter a unique name, and next... Read More
External Assigning
Viewed times since Jul 13, 2009
External Assigning allows an assignor to assign games without having to be logged into  This feature is helpful when the internet is not accessible.  Microsoft Excel will be needed to externally assign. Main Menu : A... Read More
Game Approval Process
Viewed times since Nov 9, 2010
External UsersThe Game Approval Feature is used for External users (Team Users, Team Group Users and League Users)  The Game Approval Process is used by external users that add or edit their own games.  Once a game has been added,... Read More
Minimum USSF Grade For Game Ages
Viewed times since Oct 10, 2005
In the Game Age Maintenance, you have the option to define a minimum USSF Grade for both the Referee and Assistant Referee positions Applies to soccer only!In addition to other uses, this will allow you to more accurately filter out Grade 9 Refe... Read More
Unassigned/Unaccepted Games
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game To review current filter settings, click on ’Show Filters’ in the Change View Filters area. Adjust as necessary to restrict the game criteria for this work session (Age, Leagues,&nbs... Read More
Working with Alerts
Viewed times since Jan 3, 2006
Assignor Alerts are used to point out potential problems that arise during the assigning process. These problems include officials or fields that are double-booked, officials assigned above their difficulty rating, and other similar is... Read More