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Adding New Users
Viewed times since Aug 28, 2013
When adding a new user, be sure that you are in your Group Admin identity.1. Go to Group Maint : Users2. Click to add a New User3. Enter the new user’s first and last name. You’ll be able to search the system for an existing log in. ... Read More
Assessment Status & Categories
Viewed times since Oct 31, 2013
Assessment StatusesNew - Assessor needs to enter the AssessmentApproved - Approved by the admin. **The Assessor Admin can set whether approved upon completion of the assessor or has to be reviewed and then approved by assessor admin.Proof -... Read More
Auto E-mail Question (Game Changes)
Viewed times since Oct 17, 2005
Question: Could you explain to me exactly when automated emails are sent to officials?  I was under the impression that when I had assigned a game and then went back and made changes to the game (cancel, change fields, times, etc) the officials ... Read More
Auto E-mail Question (New Games)
Viewed times since Sep 27, 2005
Question: If I turn the automatic notification feature off while I work on the assignments and then turn it back on once I’m done, will the system then notify the referees of their assigned games?Reason for the question... I’d like t... Read More
Automated Entry Game Acceptance
Viewed times since Sep 4, 2013
Did You Know?What does it mean when an official’s game assignment says it was accepted by Automated Entry?If the official accepted that game via email or text it will say it was accepted by Automated Entry. Read More
Does Game Difficulty apply to the Center, AR, or both?
Viewed times since Oct 4, 2012
The "Assigning Philosophy" of the system is that there is a single difficulty for each game. Because the crew should be working together on a game, we consider the difficulty of the game overall and not as individual positions. In othe... Read More
FAQ: How do I delete an assignor from my account?
Viewed times since Sep 7, 2010
How do I delete an assignor from my account?To stop receiving game assignments from an assignor, you will need to disable them from your account.  You can do this one of two ways:1.  You can contact the assignor you do not wish to work with... Read More
Game Sorts when Assigning
Viewed times since Sep 13, 2013
To change the sort of games when assigning games, simply click the column header you wish to sort by. The system will remember your sort preference the next time you load the page so you won’t have to sort it every time. Although you are free t... Read More
How can I reset my password to one of my own choosing?
Viewed times since Dec 7, 2007
To reset your password (or username), simply log in using your current username and password, then click the Change Identity link on the main menu.  From there, you can click the Change Username or Change Password link. Read More
How do I add contacts to receive game score, game summary emails and incident reports via email?
Viewed times since Jan 21, 2010
To add yourself, and others, as an email recipient(s) for game scores:Group maint : Leagues : Additional Options : Click to Manage Email Recipients for Game Scores/Reports : Click to Add a New Recipient. 1.  Select which League you want t... Read More
Why are some of my officials not showing up in List?
Viewed times since Sep 27, 2005
Question: I’m trying to assign games to an official and for some reason his name does not appear in the pop up listing of officials. His son appears but he does not. Can you tell me why? Answer: Each game is filtered differently ... Read More