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Assessor Settings
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
Group Setup : Assessor Settings Assessor Admin InformationAllows you to enter the Primary Assessor Admin’s name and email address, as well as, the Alternate Assessor Admin’s name and email address.  This information is used when... Read More
Viewed times since Jul 28, 2010
The Auto-Assign Feature allows the system to make official’s assignments, based on the filters set under Assignor Settings and League Settings.  The Auto-Assign will attempt to fill all of the positions on the page, but may not b... Read More
Availability & Distance Filter when Assigning by Official
Viewed times since Sep 11, 2013
NEW FEATUREThere is now a feature in Assign - Official where you can filter the officials list by their availability or distance from zip.To do this, go to:Main Menu : Assign - Official You can filter by Availability by putting in the dates you ... Read More
Viewed times since Aug 5, 2008
 To make it to where only certain officials show up forcertain types of games, you will need to turn certifications on. To turn on:Group Maint : Leagues : Click on League youwant certain officials on : Expand Assignor Filter Options : Turn ... Read More
Custom Fields
Viewed times since Aug 5, 2008
Custom fields allow you to create fields that are not already in the system.  These custom fields can be yes or no questions, multi-line text boxes or a single line text box. You can make this field required by all users to answer or only o... Read More
Custom Filters
Viewed times since Apr 4, 2011
Custom Filters allow assignors to create customized lists to filter by.  Choose one or more leagues, location areas, complexes, locations, teams or ages that are regularly used to assign.  Give the custom filter a unique name, and next... Read More
Game Pay
Viewed times since Jan 12, 2006
Game Pay InformationGroup Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Game Pay Scale : Click to Add a New Pay Scale You may need different pay scales at different times, so after selecting the appropriate League, determine which game type you will apply this pa... Read More
Games - Batch Edit
Viewed times since Jan 4, 2006
Batch EditMain Menu : Games :  Additional Options (Show) : Click to batch Edit Games To Change (or) View Filters in current settings, click (Show Filters). Adjust the filters to reflect the games you want to re... Read More
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : Hotel Assignments Choose the officials you would like to maintain hotel assignments for and click continue.  You may enter in the hotel, confirmation numbers and any notes you may have ... Read More
Location Areas
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
 Location areas allow you to associate your complexes with ageographical area or group. Group Maint : Location AreasFor example, Atlanta can be divided into North, South, East, & West. Each of your complexes canthen be tagged to th... Read More
Location Preferences
Viewed times since Aug 5, 2008
Location PreferencesLocation Preferences arepreferences made by officials stating where they would prefer to work. Thishelps when assigning, because it will only show officials that haven’tspecified not working the particular location you&rsquo... Read More
Viewed times since Aug 5, 2008
Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : MentorsSelect your officials from the drop down box (all officials or a specific league/season).  Check the box next to officials that are Mentors.  By choosing your mentors and sa... Read More
Pay Groups
Viewed times since May 21, 2010
Pay Groups will allow you to set up custom Pay Scales for one or more Officials. This can be done to pay officials by Grade/Rank, League Tenure, etc. This only applies to Pro Version groups.Group Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Pay Groups and add a ... Read More
Photo Upload
Viewed times since Aug 4, 2010
We have the capability for users to upload a personal photo that can be seen by other users on various pages and reports. Admins can also upload photos for users if desired.One important note is that photos are only allowed for users 18 years old and... Read More
Public Game Schedules
Viewed times since Sep 4, 2012
It is possible to display the game schedules for your group in a publicly accessible area. This will allow teams, parents, etc to see when their team is playing without having to have a log in to the system. It could also be used to allow teams ... Read More
Status Reasons
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
 A status reason will be used for designating games with specific cancellation reasons, billing categories, etc. The percentages will be applied to the pay scale that normally applies to each game. Only the Game Fee portion of the pay scale... Read More
Team Groups
Viewed times since Apr 16, 2013
The Team Groups feature is where you can link multiple teamstogether into groups. Team group users can handle all teams that are under thisgroup.  To create a Team Group Group Maint : Team Groups : Click to Add a New Team Group : Selectthe ... Read More