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10. Games
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To view, add, or edit Game InformationMain Menu : GamesYou can view Game Information by day, week, or month. When viewing by week, you will have the option to choose This Week, Previous Week, or Next Week. Current Mon-Sun dates wi... Read More
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How to Setup Forfeit Instructions:You will need to go to your league settings & set up a DEFAULTforfeit score for each League as needed.Group Maint : Leagues : Select League : ExpandOfficials/After Game OptionsUnder ’After Game Settings&rsq... Read More
Game Sorts when Assigning
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To change the sort of games when assigning games, simply click the column header you wish to sort by. The system will remember your sort preference the next time you load the page so you won’t have to sort it every time. Although you are free t... Read More
Games - Batch Cancel
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Batch CancelMain Menu : Games :  Show (Additional Options) : Click to Batch Edit Games : Batch Cancel Games in the Batch Game Cancellation list can be sorted according to Game #, Date & Time, or Locati... Read More
Games - Batch Delete
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Batch DeleteMain Menu : Games :  Show (Additional Options) : Click to Batch Edit Games : Batch DeleteGames in the ’Batch Game Deletion’ list can be sorted according to Game #, Date & Time, or Locatio... Read More
Games - Batch Edit
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Batch EditMain Menu : Games :  Additional Options (Show) : Click to batch Edit Games To Change (or) View Filters in current settings, click (Show Filters). Adjust the filters to reflect the games you want to re... Read More
Officials Game Count by Team
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You can run the Game Count report to see how many times individual Officials have seen certain Teams. The Report:Reports : Organization : Game Count - Officials. You may or may not have access to this report depending on what your personal ... Read More
Public Game Schedules
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It is possible to display the game schedules for your group in a publicly accessible area. This will allow teams, parents, etc to see when their team is playing without having to have a log in to the system. It could also be used to allow teams ... Read More