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How do I add contacts to receive game score, game summary emails and incident reports via email?
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To add yourself, and others, as an email recipient(s) for game scores:Group maint : Leagues : Additional Options : Click to Manage Email Recipients for Game Scores/Reports : Click to Add a New Recipient. 1.  Select which League you want t... Read More
How to Send Group Emails
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How to send GroupEmails:Group Maint : Msgs/News : Under "Send a Group Email to:”,select the recipients : You can then specify farther on the recipients toreceive this email under Group Message Recipients : Add a subject and the body :Send Email Group... Read More
How to Send Group Texts
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How to send GroupTexts:Group Maint : Msgs/News : Under "Send a group text/SMS/to:”, select the recipients : Add the body : Send text Group Texts to Officials: You can send to only officials with active logins Certification: Send only to ... Read More