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* Setup Overview
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Please read through each article to successfully create your site.Click on the word to view the article. 1. Permissions 2. Seasons  3. Primary Assignor Settings  4. Assignor Alerts 5. Leagues 6. Game Ages 7. Locatio... Read More
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Each User Type is connected to a set of Permissions. These Permissions can be turned on and off at the Admin’s discretion. To view the Permissions for each User Type Group Setup : Permissions : Edit next to User TypeThese permissions ... Read More
02. Seasons
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**Each system must have at least one Season defined.**  Seasons These are used to separate games into manageable groups. We recommend that you add a single season for all Leagues that you work with and set the League to "All Leagu... Read More
03. Primary Assignor Settings
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Group Setup :  Assignor Settings : Assignor Parameters - Edit SettingsSystem Email Options:These allow you to send nightly email notifications of unaccepted games to Officials, Teams and/or Assignors. A variety of notifications can be match... Read More
04. Assignor Alerts
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Assignor Alerts: These notify you of conflicts that may arise during the assigning process. The system evaluates your games using the preferences you have set and stores an alert for each problem that is found. Alerts are aut... Read More
05. Leagues
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Each system must have at least one League defined in order to arrange games in manageable groups.  Group Maint : Leagues Each organization that you assign for should have its own separate league. This will allow you... Read More
06A. Game Ages
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Group Maint : Ages / Levels : Maintain Game Ages : Click to Add a new Game Age  Game Age InformationChoose the League that you will set game ages for and then enter a Game Age Description in the text box.&... Read More
07. Locations
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You must add at least one Complex and Location (Field, Court, etc) before you can enter games. Enter a new Complex and add at least one Location (Field, Court, etc). Group Maint : Locations : Click to Add a New... Read More
09. Officials
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Allowing Officials To Create Their Own AccountIf you enter information into the "Official’s Access Code" section of the Assignor Settings, then Officials can create their own account.  You will need to give your Access Code&... Read More
10. Games
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To view, add, or edit Game InformationMain Menu : GamesYou can view Game Information by day, week, or month. When viewing by week, you will have the option to choose This Week, Previous Week, or Next Week. Current Mon-Sun dates wi... Read More