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Adding New Users
Viewed times since Aug 28, 2013
When adding a new user, be sure that you are in your Group Admin identity.1. Go to Group Maint : Users2. Click to add a New User3. Enter the new user’s first and last name. You’ll be able to search the system for an existing log in. ... Read More
Assessment Status & Categories
Viewed times since Oct 31, 2013
Assessment StatusesNew - Assessor needs to enter the AssessmentApproved - Approved by the admin. **The Assessor Admin can set whether approved upon completion of the assessor or has to be reviewed and then approved by assessor admin.Proof -... Read More
Availability & Distance Filter when Assigning by Official
Viewed times since Sep 11, 2013
NEW FEATUREThere is now a feature in Assign - Official where you can filter the officials list by their availability or distance from zip.To do this, go to:Main Menu : Assign - Official You can filter by Availability by putting in the dates you ... Read More
Cancellations and Rescheduling
Viewed times since Aug 6, 2012
Cancellations:By default, the system pays referees for canceled games.  If you have a game that has been cancelled,referees will still get paid for it.If you are cancellinga game and do not want to pay the referee but you still want the datalist... Read More
Does Game Difficulty apply to the Center, AR, or both?
Viewed times since Oct 4, 2012
The "Assigning Philosophy" of the system is that there is a single difficulty for each game. Because the crew should be working together on a game, we consider the difficulty of the game overall and not as individual positions. In othe... Read More
Feedback of Officials by Teams
Viewed times since Feb 14, 2013
Team users can enter feedback on Officials that have officiated their games. This can be enabled by going to Permissions under Group Setup and setting the "Feedback-Officials" permission item to View or Edit.This is a Pro Version feature.To ADD Feedb... Read More
Viewed times since Sep 18, 2012
How to Setup Forfeit Instructions:You will need to go to your league settings & set up a DEFAULTforfeit score for each League as needed.Group Maint : Leagues : Select League : ExpandOfficials/After Game OptionsUnder ’After Game Settings&rsq... Read More
Game Sorts when Assigning
Viewed times since Sep 13, 2013
To change the sort of games when assigning games, simply click the column header you wish to sort by. The system will remember your sort preference the next time you load the page so you won’t have to sort it every time. Although you are free t... Read More
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : Hotel Assignments Choose the officials you would like to maintain hotel assignments for and click continue.  You may enter in the hotel, confirmation numbers and any notes you may have ... Read More
Officials Game Count by Team
Viewed times since Sep 4, 2012
You can run the Game Count report to see how many times individual Officials have seen certain Teams. The Report:Reports : Organization : Game Count - Officials. You may or may not have access to this report depending on what your personal ... Read More
Pay Groups
Viewed times since May 21, 2010
Pay Groups will allow you to set up custom Pay Scales for one or more Officials. This can be done to pay officials by Grade/Rank, League Tenure, etc. This only applies to Pro Version groups.Group Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Pay Groups and add a ... Read More
Public Game Schedules
Viewed times since Sep 4, 2012
It is possible to display the game schedules for your group in a publicly accessible area. This will allow teams, parents, etc to see when their team is playing without having to have a log in to the system. It could also be used to allow teams ... Read More
Team Groups
Viewed times since Apr 16, 2013
The Team Groups feature is where you can link multiple teamstogether into groups. Team group users can handle all teams that are under thisgroup.  To create a Team Group Group Maint : Team Groups : Click to Add a New Team Group : Selectthe ... Read More