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Billing Contacts for Teams & Leagues
Viewed times since Aug 16, 2012
Billing Contacts are responsible for paying the referee’sand/or assignor’s game fees.  The GOPaysystem will automatically send a bill by email to these contacts. This emailwill inform the contact of the total they owe and how they ca... Read More
Billing Info
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
Group Setup : Billing InfoSystem Billing Address:  It is important to fill out the billing information.  The address that you enter in the Billing Info will be used on invoices, pay-sheets, etc, as the billing entity to return payments... Read More
Game Pay
Viewed times since Jan 12, 2006
Game Pay InformationGroup Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Game Pay Scale : Click to Add a New Pay Scale You may need different pay scales at different times, so after selecting the appropriate League, determine which game type you will apply this pa... Read More Billing Terms
Viewed times since Jul 19, 2012 has always prided itself on being customer-friendly in regards to payments and invoicing. To continue to offer a great service at great rates, we have implemented some changes to the Billing Process effective February 1, 2012. ... Read More
PAS Billing Contacts
Viewed times since Aug 14, 2012
PAS Billing contacts are responsible for paying PAS.  They receive the monthly invoices throughemail.To Add a PAS BillingContact:Group Maint: Users: Click to Add New User: Enter UserInformation: Under User Types, check the box next to Treasurer ... Read More
Pay Groups
Viewed times since May 21, 2010
Pay Groups will allow you to set up custom Pay Scales for one or more Officials. This can be done to pay officials by Grade/Rank, League Tenure, etc. This only applies to Pro Version groups.Group Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Pay Groups and add a ... Read More