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Batch Link
Viewed times since Aug 16, 2012
Batch LinkBy linking users, they cannow be a part of multiple groups and only have one username and password. Theofficial can click Change Identity at the top of the page to switch betweentheir groups.Group Maint: Users : Click toShow Additional Opti... Read More
Game / Team Feedback From Officials
Viewed times since May 21, 2010
Officials can enter feedback about Games/Teams that they have officiated. This can be enabled by going to Permissions under Group Setup and setting the "Notes - Game/Team Feedback" permission item to View or Edit.This is a Pro Version feature.Other U... Read More
Notifications Via Cell Phone / Mobile Device
Viewed times since Sep 18, 2005
Officials have the option of having certain system notices sent to their cell phone, pager, etc. Officials can configure their settings and select the notices they would like to receive in the "My Info" area. Charges may be assessed by your... Read More
Photo Upload
Viewed times since Aug 4, 2010
We have the capability for users to upload a personal photo that can be seen by other users on various pages and reports. Admins can also upload photos for users if desired.One important note is that photos are only allowed for users 18 years old and... Read More
Working with Alerts
Viewed times since Jan 3, 2006
Assignor Alerts are used to point out potential problems that arise during the assigning process. These problems include officials or fields that are double-booked, officials assigned above their difficulty rating, and other similar is... Read More