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* Setup Overview
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Please read through each article to successfully create your site.Click on the word to view the article. 1. Permissions 2. Seasons  3. Primary Assignor Settings  4. Assignor Alerts 5. Leagues 6. Game Ages 7. Locatio... Read More
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Each User Type is connected to a set of Permissions. These Permissions can be turned on and off at the Admin’s discretion. To view the Permissions for each User Type Group Setup : Permissions : Edit next to User TypeThese permissions ... Read More
02. Seasons
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**Each system must have at least one Season defined.**  Seasons These are used to separate games into manageable groups. We recommend that you add a single season for all Leagues that you work with and set the League to "All Leagu... Read More
03. Primary Assignor Settings
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Group Setup :  Assignor Settings : Assignor Parameters - Edit SettingsSystem Email Options:These allow you to send nightly email notifications of unaccepted games to Officials, Teams and/or Assignors. A variety of notifications can be match... Read More
04. Assignor Alerts
Viewed times since Dec 8, 2005
Assignor Alerts: These notify you of conflicts that may arise during the assigning process. The system evaluates your games using the preferences you have set and stores an alert for each problem that is found. Alerts are aut... Read More
05. Leagues
Viewed times since Dec 13, 2005
Each system must have at least one League defined in order to arrange games in manageable groups.  Group Maint : Leagues Each organization that you assign for should have its own separate league. This will allow you... Read More
06A. Game Ages
Viewed times since Jan 12, 2006
Group Maint : Ages / Levels : Maintain Game Ages : Click to Add a new Game Age  Game Age InformationChoose the League that you will set game ages for and then enter a Game Age Description in the text box.&... Read More
06B. Game Levels
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NOTE: It may be better to add additional Game Ages instead of using Game levels - You can only define difficulty ratings to games based on the Game Age.  So an Age of "U14 - Select" can be defined as hard or easier than a "U1... Read More
07. Locations
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You must add at least one Complex and Location (Field, Court, etc) before you can enter games. Enter a new Complex and add at least one Location (Field, Court, etc). Group Maint : Locations : Click to Add a New... Read More
08A. Teams (Basic)
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After you set up one or more Leagues you can begin Team setup. When you enter teams into the system, you must assign them to a primary League. You will have the option later to add them to&n... Read More
08B. Teams (Detailed)
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(This is a continuation of Teams Basic)Continue with Teams setup by entering the detailed information for each TeamGroup Maint : TeamsOn the Team Information page, click a Team name to edit its details.TEAM INFORMATION SECTIONTeam NumberIf the T... Read More
09. Officials
Viewed times since Jan 3, 2006
Allowing Officials To Create Their Own AccountIf you enter information into the "Official’s Access Code" section of the Assignor Settings, then Officials can create their own account.  You will need to give your Access Code&... Read More
10. Games
Viewed times since Jan 3, 2006
To view, add, or edit Game InformationMain Menu : GamesYou can view Game Information by day, week, or month. When viewing by week, you will have the option to choose This Week, Previous Week, or Next Week. Current Mon-Sun dates wi... Read More
Adding an Assignor / Linking Accounts
Viewed times since Feb 17, 2006
QuestionMy son is already registered with for one league. Another league is now using and I would like to know how to add an assigner to our established account.AnswerThere are several ways to have your existing ac... Read More
Adding New Users
Viewed times since Aug 28, 2013
When adding a new user, be sure that you are in your Group Admin identity.1. Go to Group Maint : Users2. Click to add a New User3. Enter the new user’s first and last name. You’ll be able to search the system for an existing log in. ... Read More
Agregar un Assignor / Vincular Cuentas
Viewed times since Jan 20, 2011
Q: Mi hijo ya está registrado en con una liga. Otra liga está utilizando y me gustaría saber cómo agregar un asignador a nuestra cuenta existente.R: Hay varias maneras de vincular su cuenta ... Read More
Assessor Settings
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
Group Setup : Assessor Settings Assessor Admin InformationAllows you to enter the Primary Assessor Admin’s name and email address, as well as, the Alternate Assessor Admin’s name and email address.  This information is used when... Read More
Assign - Game (Batch Assign Approved Games)
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below Use the Game Filters, top left of the screen, to filter the games you want to assign.Batch Game Maintenance:By choosing ’Batch Assign All Approved G... Read More
Assign - Game (Batch Crew Changes)
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below Batch Game Maintenance:The Official column lists the status and official’s name (if assigned) for each position attached to the game. To change, or assign, an... Read More
Assign - Game (Move, Copy, Swap)
Viewed times since Jan 12, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Batch Assign All Approved Games Below Batch Game MaintenanceThe Officials column lists the status and official’s name (if assigned) for each position attached to the game. To change, or assig... Read More
Assign - Game (Unassign All Tentative Assignments)
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - Game : Unassign All Tentative Assignments BelowAssign By GameYou can unassign tentative assignments in the area below the Change View Filters section. Proceed with caution, however. Because if you click o... Read More
Assign - Official
Viewed times since Jan 10, 2006
Main Menu : Assign - OfficialAssigning by OfficialUsing the alphabet menu, pull up a list of officials according to last name (click a letter on the alphabet menu), a list of all officials (click ALL)You can utilize the Game Filters at... Read More
Assign Mentors
Viewed times since Aug 5, 2008
Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : Assign MentorChoose the officials that you would like to maintain Mentor Assignments for.  Click Continue when you are finished. For each official, assign a mentor from the drop down box.&nb... Read More
Batch Link
Viewed times since Aug 16, 2012
Batch LinkBy linking users, they cannow be a part of multiple groups and only have one username and password. Theofficial can click Change Identity at the top of the page to switch betweentheir groups.Group Maint: Users : Click toShow Additional Opti... Read More
Billing Info
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
Group Setup : Billing InfoSystem Billing Address:  It is important to fill out the billing information.  The address that you enter in the Billing Info will be used on invoices, pay-sheets, etc, as the billing entity to return payments... Read More
Viewed times since Jun 21, 2012
You will need to get the Age Keys and Location Keys from Demosphere. You can enter these keys under each location and age group under External Interface Keys. Once the keys are entered, you can run the Initial Sync by going to Group Maint : Leagues :... Read More
Game Pay
Viewed times since Jan 12, 2006
Game Pay InformationGroup Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Game Pay Scale : Click to Add a New Pay Scale You may need different pay scales at different times, so after selecting the appropriate League, determine which game type you will apply this pa... Read More
How to Manage your Officials’ Location Preferences
Viewed times since Aug 30, 2012
To turn on the filter for location area preferences, go to:Group Maint : Leagues : Select League : Expand AssignorFilter Options tab : Check the box next to Location Area Preferences : Save **This filter only affects the batch assigning modules.... Read More
Location Areas
Viewed times since Aug 12, 2008
 Location areas allow you to associate your complexes with ageographical area or group. Group Maint : Location AreasFor example, Atlanta can be divided into North, South, East, & West. Each of your complexes canthen be tagged to th... Read More
Multiple User Account Issues
Viewed times since Jan 19, 2006
Multiple / Single LoginCreate a single login for existing users with multiple logins by following these steps:Choose an existing username to keep as the primary loginIn the ’User Logins’ section, delete all other logins cur... Read More
Pay Groups
Viewed times since May 21, 2010
Pay Groups will allow you to set up custom Pay Scales for one or more Officials. This can be done to pay officials by Grade/Rank, League Tenure, etc. This only applies to Pro Version groups.Group Maint : Game Pay : Maintain Pay Groups and add a ... Read More
Public Game Schedules
Viewed times since Sep 4, 2012
It is possible to display the game schedules for your group in a publicly accessible area. This will allow teams, parents, etc to see when their team is playing without having to have a log in to the system. It could also be used to allow teams ... Read More
Status Reasons
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 A status reason will be used for designating games with specific cancellation reasons, billing categories, etc. The percentages will be applied to the pay scale that normally applies to each game. Only the Game Fee portion of the pay scale... Read More
Unassigned/Unaccepted Games
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Main Menu : Assign - Game To review current filter settings, click on ’Show Filters’ in the Change View Filters area. Adjust as necessary to restrict the game criteria for this work session (Age, Leagues,&nbs... Read More