Custom Filters

Custom Filters allow assignors to create customized lists to filter by.  

Choose one or more leagues, location areas, complexes, locations, teams or ages that are regularly used to assign.  Give the custom filter a unique name, and next time the filters are being set, the custom list will be available in the drop down box to choose.

For example, if you set up an item called "My Leagues" that contains League A, League B, and League C. When you go to the League Filter, you will see "@ My Leagues" listed in the drop-down. If you select this and Reload the page, the list of games will include any applicable games from Leagues A, B, & C.

To create a custom list, go to any of the game pages that use filters, expand the Game Filters Window and click on Create a Custom Filter.  

Click to add a new filter next to any of the filter categories.  Give the group of items a unique name, which will be used in the filter drop down boxes to identify this group being created.  As many custom groups as needed can be added to each of the filters.  

Custom filters are viewable from the Custom Filters Page. 

To Edit a Custom Filter, click on Create a Custom Filter.  Click on any of the custom filter names, in green, to add or remove a league, location area, age, etc.

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