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  1. Availability& Distance Filter when Assigning by OfficialNEW FEATUREThere is now a feature in Assign - Official where you can filter the officials list by their availability or distance from zip.To do this, go to:Main Menu : Assign - Official You can filter by Availabilityby putting in the dates you ... Read More
  2. Disponibilidad – Formulario de RegistroCuando vea la información de  Disponibilidad en el Menú principal:  Availability, (disponibilidad)  seleccione el Dia (Day), semana (Week), fin de semana (Weekend), o mes (Month) para ingresar las fechas automá... Read More
  3. Disponibilidad - Cómo EmpezarEl modo automático de Disponibilidad (Un-Mes) tiene el mes del calendario a la izquierda y el Nuevo Registro de Disponibilidad a la derecha. La modalidad de Múltiples-Meses es más ... Read More
  4. My Availabillity for OfficialsThe default mode of entry has one Calender month at the left and the Availabilityentry form on the right. However, if you would like to use the more advanced mode (Multi-Month), you can switch back and forth at any time.     &nbs... Read More
  5. Officials - View Open Games Main Menu : Officials : Show Additional Options : View Open GamesThe View Open Games function allows Officials to view a list of games that have open positions. This is generally used to allow certain Officials the option to requ... Read More
  6. Availability- Existing EntriesThe Existing Availabilitysection displays your current availability for the month/s shown on the calendar (entries prior to today’s date will not display). From this section you can click to Del (de... Read More
  7. Availability- The Entry FormWhen viewing AvailabilityInformation, Main Menu : Availability, select a Day, Week, Weekend, or Month to Auto fill the dates, or enter dates manually. Check-boxes for Not Available and Available are provided and ad... Read More
  8. Availability- Getting StartedThe default mode (Single-Month) of Availabilityentry has one Calendar month at the left and the New Availabilityentry form on the right hand side. Multiple-Month Mode is more advanced and can be accessed at any time using the link in... Read More
  9. 05. LeaguesEach system must have at least one League defined in order to arrange games in manageable groups.  Group Maint : Leagues Each organization that you assign for should have its own separate league. This will allow you... Read More
  10. 03. Primary Assignor SettingsGroup Setup :  Assignor Settings : Assignor Parameters - Edit SettingsSystem Email Options:These allow you to send nightly email notifications of unaccepted games to Officials, Teams and/or Assignors. A variety of notifications can be match... Read More